What Do You Know About Congress?


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What do you know about Congress?

I know that Congress makes our laws.    Congress has 2 bodies of representatives.  The representatives are Senators and House members who are elected by citizens of that state.  A Senator must be at least a  30 year old citizen and they must be a state resident.  A House member must be at least a 25 year old citizen and they must be a state resident.  The majority of Congress has been men.  The total number of voting House members is 435. Today there are 120 women and 315 men representing US citizens in the House of Representatives.  The total number of voting Senators is 100.  24 senators are women, 76 Senators are men. The Senate is now divided evenly between the political parties; Democrats and Republicans.  The Vice President votes in the Senate when there is a tie vote.  Kamala Harris is the first woman to be Vice President. She is a Democrat.

We can find out many details about Congress.


Do you know who represents you?  Virginia is represented by Democratic Sentor Mark Warner who was re-elected in 2020 and Senator Tim Kaine who was elected in 2018.  A Senator is elected for a 6 year term.  They can be re-elected.  Some Senators have served for a very long time.

Virginia has 11 House districts.  Representaive Gerry Conolly is a Democrat serving the 11th district in Northern Virginia.  The majority of Representatives from Virginia are Democrats.  The 4 Republican districts in Virginia are located in the South and West of the state. The majority of people live in the urban centers of Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Virginia Beach which are all located on the Eastern side of the state.

 What questions do you have?  Do you think that Congress represents you?   Did you know that a constituent is a resident of a certain Congressional district?  Not all citizens vote and not all residents are citizens.  Whith this in mind it is important for Congress members to make laws for the common good.

What do you know about Congress?  All students are constituents.

I know that Congress makes laws to preserve the rights of citizens.

اعلم انه يصنع القوانين ويحفظ حقوق المواطنين.

Congress has 2 bodies of representatives, the representatives are the Senators and the members of the House elected by the citizens of that state. It also has three branches which are Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

El Congreso tiene 2 cuerpos de representantes, los representantes son los Senadores y los miembros de la Cámara elegidos por los ciudadanos de ese estado. También tiene tres ramas  las cuales son legislativo, Ejecutivo, y Judicial.

Es un lugar donde se realizan conferencias y se trabaja.

Congress is a place where conferences are held and work is done.  

As people come to America from around the world, we understand that we are constituents even if we are not yet American citizens.  As American citizens we understand we have the right to vote at 18 years old.  All people who live in a Congressional district are constituents.   All people have human rights.  The representatives in Congress serve to protect the rights and responsibilities of the constituents in their district.


Did You Know Congress makes laws for animals as well as people?