Does Toyota sponsor ISIS?



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Many Toyota trucks have been spotted in the hands of ISIS. The U.S. treasury is looking into how they have received these trucks. Toyota says that there entire company is on the same page when it comes to the laws and regulations. They agree with the U.S. treasury’s movement on American goods passing through the middle east.

Its pretty difficult to control where the trucks go when the product gets resold by a private third party. Toyota has proposed a solution to this. They have made a strict policy to ensure that no vehicles made by them will be sold to anyone who will involve the vehicle in terrorist activities. Toyota’s spokesman did assure everyone that the trucks in the terror videos and pictures where not trucks that where sold in the United States. He also made the suggestion that the U.S. treasury department look into regulating private dealerships.

Many people believe we have a free market when it comes to buying and selling products. This article shows that business cant just do whatever they want. The government regulates American business for the common good.