Dogs Can Save Lives


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A blind man from New York named Cecil Williams had his 11-year-old watch dog named Orlando right by his side when he fell on to the tracks in a NYC subway station. The dog saved his life by barking and making all aware that his owner was on the tracks. Although they didn’t make it out they laid flat down while the train passed over them. Orlando was suppose to retire, but Williams  insurance company refused to pay to let him keep Orlando as a pet or get a new service dog. After the horrific event good Samaritans donated enough money for him to acquire a new service dog named Godiva and he was able to keep Orlando as a pet.

To me it’s so crazy that no one helped get them out but luckily they both survived. It’s also very sad that the insurance company didn’t want to help this poor man out. What did they expect him to do with no service dog? If I had known about this happening I definitely would have been one of the good citizens to give money to him. I’m very glad he got to keep Orlando though.