Donald Trump and the Mexican Wall

Donald Trump and the Mexican Wall


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What gives Donald Trump the authority to become president?

He’s a white man with money and media power.


Donald Trump says he would get rid of millions of immigrants in the USA.

That would be impossible to accomplish. In one of his meetings he said Hispanics were “rapists” and “drug dealers”.  What about all those Hispanics that work 7 days a week and Hispanic students that go to school to get a diploma? What about all those Hispanic nurses, health professionals, care takers etc. who work hard to make America great? He said he would build a stronger and more permanent Mexican Wall at the border and he would build a door for the “good people”.

America was built on the assumption that we are all “good people”.  That assumption is called natural rights philosophy and it is present in the writing of our founding fathers who said in the Declaration of Independence that  ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” No one is born bad.  All people have potential for good and bad choices.  Inequality of opportunity is what often leads to inequality of basic human values that make us good or bad.

What makes  a person bad or a threat to others?  Usually these people have an unequal or illegal amount of power over others.  Most immigrants are simply seeking equality of opportunity.  Most immigrants keep good company and have basic family values based on hard work and honest effort. The Mexican wall will only create more problems and it will solve nothing.  It is a stupid idea.  The same thing is happening to many immigrants today that happened to African Americans 100 years ago; racism but now with Hispanics. Racism is a very hard thing for people.

Donald Trump says Mexicans will pay for this wall because he says so? Well if he really wants to do this huge wall that will cost 2.5 Billion he can pay it himself.