Donald Trump Is Playing It Safe



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In April Donald Trump was in the commanding lead in the latest polls, is trying to lay low. After his win in the Wisconsin primary, Donald spent time meditating and planning his next part in his campaign. He had been hiding in the Trump Tower. The only reason he left his tower was to go visit the World Trade Center, where he visited the 9/11 museum. There he donated $100,000 to the museum, then silently returned to Trump Tower.

For the first time in over four months Donald did not appear in any news program.  Republican strategist Ron Bonjean said “Lying low for a few days might play to his advantage to get his campaign organized and focused.” “If he were just to stop talking right now until the New York primary, he would probably win it hands down. The danger for Trump is he could talk himself out of delegates,” Bonjean also added. Trump could all of New York’s 95 GOP delegates if he only gets New York’s 27 congressional districts, where 81 delegates are at stake.

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What do you think?  Will Donald make it to the end and reach his goal of the White House.  Current survey data says No but surveys don’t count and American politics are unpredictable. CLICK HERE to explore the data.