Donald Trump; Not My Alligator!

Donald Trump; Not My Alligator!


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Donald Trump is a well known business man and negotiator and now is also known as a candidate running for president. Its rare to here anyone say anything good about Trump since he is such a ruthless person, with very strong opinions. In the swampy water of Florida a mean and ruthless Alligator is giving Trump a run for his money as the most cut throat Trump around.

In 1996 Jim Billie the chief of the Seminole tribe captured a mean and big alligator. Also around this time billionaire Donald Trump was interested in building casinos in Florida. Trump he never ended up building casinos in Florida. Instead Trump got an alligator named after him. The alligator is 800 pounds and 13 feet!

The big alligator who was named after Trump was put into the water with many other gators and automatically started to fight with them. A few days later they saw him with another gator down his throat, he was eating it. At first Billie named the gator after him because he wanted to honor Trump but he soon realized that the name fit perfectly for the gator. Trump is compared to the gator because he will easily chew people up and spit them out as will the gator.

I think that if someone is that horrible that they can be compared to a mean gator they shouldn’t run our country. Not only do  I disagree with much of what Trump believes, I think he is a selfish and arrogant man. Our country needs someone who will have the best interest for us and not for themselves. We don’t need an alligator running our country.

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