Don’t Try To Break Into a MMA Fighters House !!!!!

Dont Try To Break Into a MMA Fighters House !!!!!


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On January 1st four gang members in Las Cruces, NY broke into MMA fighter Joe Torrez house with weapons. Joe Torrez killed one of the gang members and severely injuring one of the others. They are trying to charge Joe Torrez. He argues he was protecting his family his two year old son, fiancée, sister, and another woman. He took out two of the gang members and the other two left. Later after that Torrez was receiving calls saying “i will kill you and your family”. Then after that the fiancée’s sister said she had been jumped on the way home. The man that was arrested had been stemmed to the prior altercation.

MMA Fighter Reportedly Fights Off 4 Gang Members in Home Invasion, Killing 1

I feel like it was self-defense because the gang members invaded his home with the attention on killing him and possibly his family. I feel like he had every right for doing what he did. He had a two year old son in his home and he was protecting his family. I don’t think he should be charged or convicted for this situation. He is an MMA fighter but they invaded his home with weapons and all he had was himself, he handled that situation right.