Drug cartel out of control



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In Mexico, a city called Michoacan is at an all time high in violence and crime due to the drug cartels. Seemingly, almost every hour there are multiple killings and the citizens have had enough. As a result, many citizens have grouped together to form mini-militias in an attempt to fight off the notorious drug cartels. These vigilantes have been well armed and compete just about equally with the drug cartel’s. Mexican authorities are stuck with two hard tasks; fight off the cartels, and disarm these vigilantes. The Mexican police feel they can deal with the cartel themselves and don’t need civilians getting involved.


In my opinion, the cartels are very very dangerous and the Mexican authorities could use as much help as possible going against them. I think mini-militias trying to shut down and go against the cartels are a positive thing and helps out a lot. I feel they should encourage citizens to help put an end to the cartels and all the associated violence. The way I look at it, these mini-militias are like sidekicks to the Mexican police.  They are extra back-up and could ultimately speed up the process of getting rid of the cartel.