duck hunting



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Duck hunting is not a lifestyle its who I am. Not a lot of people would understand because they think hunters kill animals for fun, and hunting is fun, but they also do it so they can have food on the table. When we shoot we try to make it a clean shot, but sometime the ducks are still alive in the water, so we’ll shoot at it again to finish them off. There are people who think that deer hunting is harder than duck hunting, which is not true. My favorite waterfowl quote is, “When blizzards and storm winds strike, other hunters curl up by the hearth. Waterfowlers go forth.” When I go duck hunting  I feel so good, being able to see what the lord have in store for me , the way he created the scenery and the fresh air when you breathe in. It is also beautiful how he created ducks, the colors on them are so beautiful and when you go duck hunting you learn something new every time.

My favorite shotgun to use while going duck hunting is a Remington 870 12 gauge. A lot of people like to use semi automatic shotguns when they go duck hunting, but those shotguns are not as reliable as a 870 12 gauge. You can use a Remington 870 12 gauge to its limits, drop it, drown it in water or mud, basically abuse the crap out of it and it will still be working like brand new. Duck hunting is an expensive sport. The stuff you need to buy to go hunt are really expensive. Requirements to go waterfowling are having a hunter safety class certification, hunting licence of the state you are hunting at, state waterfowl migration stamp and federal waterfowl migration stamp. Then the gear you need to buy to go waterfowling is: a shotgun, ammo, waders, decoys, duck calls, food, and drinks. Why do you need to bring food and drinks you may ask. It is because you wont have time to eat before the hunt, so you can bring it eat and drink in the blind, and if you add all those together it is really expensive. I am really serious that you won’t have time to eat before your hunt. When you go duck hunting you want to be at the blind two hours before sunrise to setup decoys and get the gear ready, so if you didn’t bring food and a drink your gonna be hungry and thirsty, or you can wake up super early and eat, but it is not worth it because you want get as much sleep as you can so you are awake when you are hunting.  After the hunt, when you go home and unload everything , you are really tired and are going want to take a nap.

As you can see, duck hunting is important to me. I’ve learned a lot of knowing how to duck hunt, from shooting to making calls and knowing not to kill any animals when they are not in season. There are rules and regulations that tell you what you can hunt during certain season, but as long you follow the rules, you will still have a great time.