Ducks Are In Danger



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Three oilsands corporation in Canada did nothing wrong when 196 ducks died when they landed in waste water tailing ponds. The regulator said all three corporation’ followed the rules that require them to use devices to scare waterfowl away from the ponds. Ryan Bartlett, a spokesman for the regulator, says “The birds still managed to land on the oily water on Nov. 4 due to bad weather in the area near Fort McMurray, including fog and heavy, wet snow.” The Device makes noise and structures similar to scarecrows.
Syncrude is one of the companies who operates the biggest oillands sites and was fined $3 million for the death of over 1,600 ducks in 2008. More than 500 birds had to be destroyed because of early winter storm forced the birds to land on the toxic waste ponds belonging to Syncrude and Suncor. The Alberta Energy Regulator has reviewed the recent waterfowl impacts and determined, oilsands mining operations were in full compliance with waterfowl protection equipment requirements at the time. But unfortunately the intense weather conditions forced the waterfowl to land in the toxic waste pond. Bartlett said “the investigation is closed”

My thoughts are, the Canadian government needs to do a better job to make these companies find another way to drain the toxic waste. If ducks keep dying because of these pond’s, then their population goes down and these ducks are not as populated as they were back then. So if this keeps happening then the duck species will go down the drain. I don’t want ducks be gone forever because then i wont be able to go duck hunting and i will be seriously be mad. As citizen we have the rights of wildlife and the government needs to protect that. If corporation has no law to regulate them, there is no way to have them stop from over polluting. Protecting the environment should be an international effort.—World/Business/2014-11-20/article-3946749/Oilsands-firms-not-at-fault-in-deaths-of-196-waterfowl-in-northeast-Alberta/1