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Visual-dyslexia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Symptoms / Description

Dyslexia is a learning disorder found in children who read and write slower than normal because they cannot see the letters and words same way every normal person can. Dyslexia does not just affect language study it also makes math difficult.  They hear words differently.  The letters “v” and “f” are difficult to hear.


Problems / Difficulties

Dyslexia is hereditary.  That means if one of his or her family member has it, the child may have it too. Another reason why a person may have dyslexia problems is because a tiny part of brain doesn’t work.  Finally, the person may have an incomplete brain development and damage.


Solutions and Future Possibilities

Dyslexia never goes away but it does not have to be hard forever.  There are things people can do to make it easier.  The person who has it will feeling better with the time.  Dyslexia does not affect general intelligence. There are several solutions for people with Dyslexia.  Parents have to check with a doctor and give the child special care from his parents. At school they can go to a  normal school with the all the students but they have to study with special teachers. By that, I mean special care for people with dyslexia will be good and feeling better because it will not affect their live forever.


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