E-cigs’ liquid nicotine causing poisonings



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English: Electronic Cigarette

There are many people who are addicted to Nicotine in this world. There are many different things that doctors recommend that help to quit. This new electronic cigarette has many believing it helps them quit smoking, but little do they know that the Nicotine oil in the E-cig is way more toxic than the actual cigarette itself.

In February, there were 215 poison center calls involving e-cigarettes, and 51% of those calls involved children 5 and under, officials said.  The E-cig has many different features compared to a normal cigarette; the smell, the scent and the color. Minors as well as adults are attracted to these features.

The poisoning toxins from the E-cig “liquid nicotine” used to refill e-cigarettes is very harmful if you directly get it in the eyes, mouth, nose or on skin. People have reported symptoms such as nausea and eye irritation, but it can be also be deadly. These E-cigs must be kept out of the reach of children and minors. Poison control experts say the liquids, found in bottles or cartridges have been known to break.  This needs to be better controlled and regulated. So while many believe this is helping them quit smoking, Many more are getting poisoned from the toxic oil.


Smoking cigarette’s is a horrible habit.  More then half the people that smoke wish they never started. There are plenty of ways that can help a person quit cigarettes that aren’t bad like this E-cig. Even though it tastes, smells and looks better, this does not mean it is better. If the oil from the E-cigs is so toxic then why does the government allow it to be sold? Why don’t they have the oil in a non breakable container?

I can think of many ways to make the E-cig safer to use and not get poisoned, but the manufacturers can not. I believe that the electronic cigarette can help cut back or quit smoking only if they are safely regulated.