Earth Day 2018; Are You Part of the Solution?

Earth Day 2018; Are You Part of the Solution?
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When it comes to global citizenship and protection of our natural resources we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.  Since the Global Environmental movement began in the year 1970, Earth day is a call to action for protection of our natural resources and has been celebrated annually in April . It increases awareness about pollution and ways to prevent damaging mother nature. We humans are gradually killing the ecosystem, which leads to some extinction of animals due to artificially made products that usually take a while to decompose or never decompose. Naturally made things wear out overtime and it only takes a couple of months to decay, however, materials such as plastic take hundreds of years to decompose and those types of synthetic chemical products are typically unhealthy to our ecosystems.

As we are slowly facing the size and severity of this problem, people are starting to use recyclable items rather than artificially made products that are not supposed to be thrown away. Also, instead of irresponsibly throwing things away, we are starting to be cautious to what we throw away as garbage. People are starting to sort out which ones are recyclable or not and scientist have found ways to make more Eco-friendly products to help rapidly decrease pollution.

Social media has helped in increasing awareness on this issue.  Schools, businesses and community organizations have realized that they can act and be a  part of this solution to help stop pollution once and for all. Every person can help make a change to stopping pollution and small steps a person can do to help bring more awareness in our society. A person can alert other people of this issue by establishing an environmental club at their job/schools and propose a rule to recycling items. For such a huge problem that doesn’t have enough people to support, everyone in the world would be willing to save their home planet and that’s how a person can make a change in society.

The History of Earth Day