Ebola and Mainstream Media

Ebola and Mainstream Media


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While most Americans are engrossed in events that transpire on American soil, other issues outside of the US coincide. This unawareness is being powered by media outlets, which are supposed to provide the public with the truth. Instead of truth, we are fed lies, biases, and distractions that inhibit our collective awareness. Within the past 25 years the media has consolidated into 6 corporations that control 90% of the media. Check out media consolidation. The human perception of our world is more finite because most of the information we receive is from 6 corporations. They have dominion over most knowledge. You cant solely rely on mainstream media for information, do your own research, figure out how to tell if something is bias or erroneous. By developing a strong criteria for finding truth, you become immune to any sort of misinformation.

Currently, fear mongering is in vogue with mainstream media. Fear mongering is a popular tactic the media employs to influence the public’s opinion  towards a certain end. The Ebola outbreak is a good example. Ebola is a legitimate threat to humanity, but not as severe as what the media is purporting. Ebola is a lethal disease, however, it can only be transmitted through the bodily fluids of a symptomatic person. So, unless you come into very close contact with an infected individual, your chances of getting Ebola are virtually zero.

In this era, widespread turmoil and fear are rampant. This can be attributed to the fact that the media has consolidated into 6 corporations (GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS).  Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post are all noble properties of News Corp. All three of these media institutions are fighting tooth and nail to generate “hype” for Ebola (via fear mongering). This link perfectly exemplifies the use of fear mongering. http://nypost.com/tag/ebola/ .We can achieve widespread awareness if there were more independent and objective media outlets. Mainstream media is inundated with embellishments and deceit, until this ends, awareness will continue to be stifled.  Unawareness itself is an intellectual  disease.

I personally belief that what transpires outside of the American border is just as important as what transpires within. Ebola in America, as a prospect, is a petty concern. Africa, as the origin, has faced the brunt of Ebola. Thousands of African individuals have died from Ebola, which is far more grim and concerning than whats happening in America. I find nationality illusory, we are all citizens of Earth and the universe.