Ebola attacked a 42 year old West African man as he traveled to the U.S.



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Today on Oct. 08/2014 the news about Erick Duncan’s death spread quickly. He contracted Ebola on Sep. 20 by helping a pregnant woman while he took her to the hospital.  On Sep. 28 he was placed in isolation by a  Texas hospital because he started to feel Ebola symptoms while he worked.  The hospital confirmed that Duncan had been sent home on Sept. 26 after exam results said he suffered from a “low-grade common viral disease.” The hospital had communicated that even though a nurse knew Duncan had been in Liberia the last days; she never communicated that information to the teammates at the hospital.

Days after Duncan was put in isolation, health officials said they had to track down  many people who had either direct or secondary contact with Duncan for monitoring. They accidentally said that the list was about 50 persons, but only a few people could be infected by the virus. They said that Ebola is hard to be transferred by contact.

Duncan was receiving medical help until this morning when he died, all the hospital staff remembers him as a good man that fought against Ebola.

I believe that Duncan should be respected not only because he fought Ebola until the last day where he died, but because he influenced everyone else to never give up. It is pretty ironic how people attempt to protect themselves and judge people that have illnesses that they are not able to cure. Who is responsible for the spread of a disease beyond our control?  I think the government is responsible for educating its citizens and supporting the medical system in its response to this terrible disease.