Ebola Possible Cure: Government Responsibility or God’s Will?

Ebola Possible Cure: Government Responsibility or Gods Will?


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On August 29th 2014 scientists discovered evidence that the experimental Ebola drug may be effective for treating victims diseases. A study of 18 macaque monkey published in a magazine of science said that a drug saved 100% of animals that were infected with Ebola.  Although some of the did not receive the drug at the exact moment of Ebola infection they still were saved.

Some scientists are not sure how this drug will affect the human body. The drug; called ZMapp, is a combination of proteins named antibodies.  They strengthen the immune the system. It basically makes an effect to fight the infection. In this case, the antibodies against Ebola were created in the laboratory and produced using of tobacco plants.

This drug has already been used on victims of the current Ebola disease in West Africa.  Three American missionary doctors are recovering in the United States from the disease. Doctores are worried about the role of what this drug plays on humans since two Ebola victims who received ZMapp, including a Spanish priest and a Liberian doctor, died. The drug may work on some people and have an affect on them, but not all of them have the same luck.

I really believe that when God decides who dies and who stays nothing not even medicine can help it. Since I am a religious person, I believe that the word of God is taking action on humanity already. Because we are rebels, we have to pay for all our sins and diseases are the start of our punishment.  What do you think?  Can science and the money of rich governments like the United States save us or is this suffering disease a part of God’s plan for humanity?

Nurse-nun visits graves of victims of 1976 Zai...
Nurse-nun visits graves of victims of 1976 Zaire Ebola outbreak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)