Ebola; We Must Act Now.

Ebola; We Must Act Now.


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Ebola is a deadly virus spread by bodly fluids or saliva that damages your central nervous system, it includes high fever, and bleeding. The most terrible detail is that there is no cure for this virus.The current outbreak has a mortality rate of about 55%. Ebola’s first outbreak was seen in South Guinea. In the western part of Africa more than 2,600 people have died from this disease and this count continues to rise. Officials are feared that more than 20,000 people could be infected by this Ebola outbreak.

People from outside countries like Europe and Amercia have come to these villages to try to stop the epidemic. They are doing this so the outbreak doesnt touchdown in other countries near by, because that would be catastrophic. This is why officials are doing everything they can to contain this disease. This is hard to do because villagers have become suspicious of officials attempts to stop these Ebola disease outbreak, thinking that they are starting it. Bodies of health workers,local officials, and journalists were found in a septic tanks near the city of Nzerekore and also the health team was pelted by the rocks so they dissapeared. A three-day lockdown is going on in Sierra Leone in an attempt to stop the disease from spreading.In order to contain and combat it, our government is partnering with the United Nations and other international partners to help the Governments of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal respond just as we fortify our defenses at home.

I think the U.S government should not let U.S. citixens in or out of Africa until everything is settled, because if this touchdown anywhere other then africa then it would be a world problem. I also suggest all of the top scientists around the world should spend a lot of time to find cures to this disease through trial and error, until we succeed. I think every villager that fights against the officials that are trying to help should be killed because we are spending our time there to help not only there saftey but ours. It is scary to think that an epidemic like this could kill more than 20,000 people and it could continue because who knows how much this disease could wipe out our poulation