Education Is Key To Gobal Citizenship

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In Honduras, there are schools that are supported by the government of El Salvador.  Why doesn’t Honduras support these schools? Why has their minister of education just abandoned these schools? Is education a right? If so, who is responsible for protecting this right?

16 elementary and middle schools remain in neglect on a sector on Nahuaterique, Honduras.  Only El Salvador is providing help to the students — giving them at least a school uniform and the school supplies.  But why is El Salvador supporting these students?

Around these Honduran villages there are not enough resources. The ministry of education has seemingly forgotten about them. Honduran students who live here don’t have text books, and sometimes they go to schools without shoes, with their uniforms ripped. They don’t know about computers, and the facilities are deteriorated.

The fact that one nation is helping another nation with its schools shows cooperation in protecting the basic human rights of education.  A human right is a natural right for all people.  A civil right is one that a citizen of a certain country enjoys.  Human rights need to be protected by everybody as global citizens — but usually, we depend on our government to protect them. We say in the United States that the purpose of any government is to protect the general welfare of its people.

Students hold the flags of Honduras and El Salvador to show cooperation in protecting their right to education.



You can find more information about the rightsof education in this link: