Educational changes will lead to greater success

Educational changes will lead to greater success


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Virginia’s board of education should definitely acquire this new system for high schoolers because it will be beneficial for both students and teachers. Not only will it drive students to a better, and successful career in the long run, but it will also encourage students to attend school to actually learn something rather than just going for a simple high school diploma that might not mean anything to them in their future. Adding multiple paths to graduation will also help students who face difficult obstacles in their everyday lives

Today, students are normally forced by their parent or parents to wake up on time for school. This often causes the student to force himself to be in attendance, while his mind is somewhere completely different. This change will drive the student to their goal oriented career and really show them what fields they enjoy working in. The Virginia department of education should try and push this change earlier as it will be a major boost in students’ futures.


Students are not motivated enough in today’s society to attend high school for four years. This school change that will give students on site field experiences that will help motivate them and encourage them to take more interest in the work they are being assigned. It will also drive them to look more into several work industries and learn what they need from local businesses at an early stage. This school change will give students an advantage in specific work fields that require on site experience.


In addition, this change will be extremely beneficial for students who face real life situations that may cause stress or seriously affect the student’s mental health. Other scenarios such as pregnancy could come into play, or such as trouble with the law. Students become more determined when knowing that they will not need to test on SOL to gain credit, instead credit will be gained by in class vocational skills.


Finally, the board of education must implement this new school overhaul in order for students to enjoy learning through on site work. This will help students in their future as it will guide them to a career that is based on their traits. Students will be inspired to learn as they progress through real life work situations. This new plan will help ease stress on students who face tough problems outside of school because it will give students something positive choice to make for themselves that will directly effect their future.