Educationally and Economically Appetizing Programs

Educationally and Economically Appetizing Programs


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Going to any college will cost you a shiny penny or two, however it may not be that way for long. The president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama has announced a plan that the first two years of college will be free. This recently announced program has the possibility of helping nearly 9 million students. What was outlined in the plan was that the federal government will pay 3/4 of the cost for the two years and the states would pay 1/4 of the cost. Instead of costing the student or the students’ family direct out of pocket money, it will cost the federal and state government billions of tax dollars.

Going to a two-year college is cheaper than going to a four-year university. Even though every state charges a different price for community college, it will always be cheaper, instead of paying overboard for a four-year college. The government has been giving less money to students for college than it used to give out. When people go to college they end up having more money earned but are still in debt for an extended amount of time. The cheapest four-year universities are in Wyoming and they run about $4,646 per year and the New Hampshire universities are the most expensive with a cost of $14,712 per year. With community colleges in Wyoming they cost $2,719 a year and in Vermont they cost $7,320. The student is paying for half of a year at a four-year college at a community college.

If you choose to go to a community college for two years and decide to go to a four-year university, you will save at least half of what you would spend if you just spent your money at a four-year college. Going to community college is a cost-effective way of getting an education and not to mention you can just transfer to a four-year when you already have a two-degree. Going to college also has great benefits, you will have a higher wage than high school graduates, more jobs are open to those who have had college experience, and you will be smarter from just going to college.

If this program Obama is proposing works out, many more citizens will have a brighter future. I believe that education should be free to those who want it. College is so expensive that it turns people away from something no one could ever take from you and that is education. Once you learn something it’s locked in your head so no one could ever steal that from you. I hope Obama’s program will pull through, it would help so many people.