El Captured CHAPO !!!!!!



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On the night before February 24, The most wanted Drug lord was captured sleeping in his beach side condo in Mazatlan, Mexico. He had an AK 47 on the side of his bed, but never had the chance to use it. Authorities took action when they received the notice it was clear to take action. Authorities used infrared and heat scanner equipment to concur a very strategic plan for the detention of El Chapo Guzman.   Authorities found his 2 year old  twin daughters and Guzman’s personal body guard with him.   the bodyguard did not have  the chance to take a hit against authorities since this mission was planned to ambush them asleep.  El Chapo had been running from the law for about 13 years since the last time he escaped from jail.


If you would like to know more about El Chapo Guzman’s history visit my profile, or visit this website above for more information about his arrest.  Do you think his arrest will change the flow of drugs into the US?  What will American and Mexican authorities need to do to make his arrest an effective victory in the war on drugs?