Eleven year old girl for sale by ISIS



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A Yazidi girl for sale $9,000. An ad says shes beautiful, hardworking, and a virgin. She is also just 11 years old. This advertisement is used by ISIS fighters to barter for sex slaves. Every ad exposes important clues like locations which will help save Yazidi girls from the militants taking advantage of them. There is a city in Syria called Aleppo. This is where ISIS came and captured a handful of Yazidis. In an attempt to escape the fighters, hundreds were massacred, while they captured girls for human trafficking.

There is a lack of support from the international community. “No government or experts trained us,” “We learned by just doing it, over the last year and a half, we gained the experience.” Says a network that freed 240 Yazidis. A number of the liberators have been executed by ISIS while trying to locate Yazidi slaves. Shrem (one of the leaders of this group) insists that its worth it: “Whenever I save someone, it gives me strength and it gives me faith to keep going until I have been able to save them all.” Once they manage to make contact, the prisoners are told when and where to go to meet the liberators. They usually tell them to meet in a nearby car. It can take weeks to get out safely when leaving ISIS territory. They tend to switch vehicles, and wait in safe houses. Thousands of Yazidis remain enslaved inside ISIS territory. Shrem believes time is running out to save them. He is calling on the international community to take action.

I believe if it was 50 and not 5,000 Americans that were being raped every day by ISIS, would the US stay silent? Of course not. There would be operations, everything would be done to save them. We need to tell our Government to take action as a good citizen. We need to be the role models and show the world that we are kind people and we justify the unjust.

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