Ends Can be Just the Beginning

Ends Can be Just the Beginning


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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

What does “all endings are also beginnings” mean? I believe that people have different challenges in their lives; therefore, it challenges have an endings and beginnings. For example: I have had challenges that have put me down, but it was just the beginning to start to raise myself. I used to have low self esteem, until one day, I decided to end it. That was the beginning of a new me.

What is Albom telling us about life and death? Everything has a consequence or reason. A great example will be when the captain shoots Eddie. He did it for a reason, even though Eddie was on his side. The captain said “It was better a wound in your leg than death” Everything we do has a meaning, and sometimes it can change our life.

Eddie thought he accomplished nothing with his life. Through the book, I noticed how Eddie remembered his childhood, when he was a teenager, when he fell in love, when he got married, and how happy he was while he was working in Ruby Pier. I noticed what he did at war, and he was rewarded because of it. How many lives he saved by maintaining the rides safety. I would say to Eddie, “Eddie you accomplished great thing and beyond your thoughts” He was a role model in Ruby Pier.

Which people  might I meet in heaven? I actually don’t know. I don’t believe that I would meet some people; however, I do believe everything that I do not understand  has happened to me will be explained in heaven.