Enrique Pena Nieto Responds to Donald Trump; Leaders Should Stand for Human Rights.

Enrique Pena Nieto Responds to Donald Trump; Leaders Should Stand for Human Rights.


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During these first hundred days of the US presidency of Donald Trump the human right of equality seems threatened. The first months have not been good for the people who did not vote for him. He has not shown something good to the country as a whole; and in some cases not even to those who voted for him.  When a President is elected he needs to show how he is going to make America better for all citizens and residents. However, he has shown the opposite. He hates people who don’t support him, and he wants to be in power for himself.
For example, Donald Trump said that he is going to deport millions of immigrants back to their country. However, it does not make sense to me because we all came as immigrants to the United States. He is also an immigrant. His wife, Melania is from Europe and now he comes trying to deport Mexicans and Central America people who are working hard in the United States to have a better future. They come to the United States because they don’t have a good economy in their countries. The entire history of the world is a history of migration.

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Our president, Donald Trump is talking about building a wall between Mexico and the United States. He said that this wall is to protect the United States from Mexico and Central America. The division between Mexico and the United States also divides families and border communities. It can bring sadness to many people because they can be separate from their families and it is bad for business along the border..

Here is a link where he talks about building the wall to divide the United States from Mexico.


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On the other hand, the President of Mexico answered back to Donald Trump saying the Mexicans are not going to pay for any wall. The walls only divide families. Also, Mexico has been trading with the United States for a long time. He said we are going to continue to work with the United States, but we are not going to pay for any wall. We can work for the good of both economies, but we are not going to pay for what Donald Trump wants.

Here is the link where the president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto answered back to Donald Trump.


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Many of immigrants are studding at many high schools. for example, spanish people are at schools in the United States. They are studying hard to be a good person in their future. They also have dreams to accomplish. The first citizenship is human citizenship and from this comes human rights.  All countries will benefit if they work to protect human rights.  A country is better when it can understand the languages and cultures of others. The great future of the United States continues to be in the hope of immigrants who come here for a better life.  All that they need is not to be discriminated from our President Donald Trump. The new president of the United States is unfortunately seen as a racist man when his supporters come from such groups as the Ku Klux Klan.

Instead of spending money on the wall or on more military actions that divide us, nations should invest in education because that is the hope for a more peaceful future. The president of the United States  must be an example for the new generation because he is the “chief citizen”.   The actions and the words that he has made public shows  a personality that is selfish and competitive.   In this world today we need more examples of respect and humble service in our leaders.