Epilepsy VS Human

Epilepsy VS Human
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What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed and causes seizures. There are five manifestations of Epilepsy: 1) Focal Epilepsy;  which means that there is electrical activity in only a certain place, 2) Generalized Epilepsy which means that seizures and electrical activity comes from the whole brain, 3) Combined Generalized and Focal Epilepsy which means that patients who have seizures with this kind of epilepsy that the electrical activity can happen either from the whole brain or from just that one part of the brain. , and there is 4) Unknown Epilepsy when the beginning of a seizure is not known, it’s now called an unknown onset seizure. A seizure could also be called an unknown onset if it’s not witnessed or seen by anyone, for example when seizures happen at night or in a person who lives alone.. In Epilepsy the electrical activity in the brain becomes messed up and there are unexpected bursts of electrical activity.      

How are people with Epilepsy affected?

Epilepsy changes and affects people’s lives. Some people may be dealing with an easier situation and others with more of a severe situation. Either way it causes a lot of hardships like: less mobility which can impact learning, school attendance, employment, relationships, and social interactions. It is proven that Epilepsy can change your whole life and take a hard sharp turn. . 

Those with epilepsy are more likely to develop depression and other mood disorders/problems. Sometimes it can even before they have their first seizure. While there is still no cure for Epilepsy aside from medications, we can work together to keep epileptics as safe as possible. While there is no real way to stop/keep epileptics safe 100% because some of it is out of our hand.  For more information on how Epilepsy affects people and what happens to them visit:  https://www.aans.org/en/Patients/Neurosurgical-Conditions-and-Treatments/Epilepsy

Although most patients do not have seizures when the EEG is being recorded, they often have abnormal brain activity in the EEG (spikes or sharp waves) that indicates they have a tendency to have seizures. The location of this activity allows the physician to determine whether patients have partial or generalized seizures.


How we as a community can support and keep Epileptics safe?


However what is in our hand is staying and keeping things that provoke/trigger seizures. For example: 

  1. Having few sharp corners/anything that can cut/injure the head/anybody part.
  2. Keep bright lights off/away ( No bright or flashing lights)  
  3. Reduce the amount of noise and things that will make someone dizzy. 

As a community we need to help those with Epilepsy stay as safe as possible. We need to keep in mind the triggers that can set off any seizures or problems and keep our Epileptics far away from them. We need to think before we perform/put on any actions that can include those with epilepsy. Teachers should keep in mind that they should not put on any bright lights/turn on a video. 

Symptoms of Epilepsy

As a result, we should all become better at helping keep our epileptics as safe as possible. This is a serious topic, anytime and anything can happen to our epileptic. It is dangerous and life threatening if we surround our epileptics with triggers. This is a life or death situation for our epileptics. Raise awareness and raise action to keep our epileptics safe! 

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