ESL teacher



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An ESL teacher works with non-native speakers of English and helps them develop  social and academic language skills. Teachers do everything they  can  help each and every student so they can succeed in life. Students don’t have a clue of how it takes time to be and ESL teacher especially when they teach students that doesn’t know any English at all.

To be an ESL teacher they must have their master degree and also they have to finish college. They have to go for trainings other wise they wouldn’t be professionals.  Based on the potential growth is about  $35,000 and $  80,000. They earn about  $ 60,000 to $ 100,000 a year. They start teaching them with pronunciations however they can progress in their english and know the basics of learning a language.  In my opinion i think that it worth the time and adittion cost of education on  training  for someone who can pursue because many people came to this world knowing none of English. ESl teachers are able to teach you English and the ability to teach you step by step the way you can learn any other language. As we know many people came to the united states from everywhere of the world looking for a better life but they got to learn English so they succeed in life and be someone.