Ethiopian mesakel



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     In my country are many orthodox Christians.   I wear a necklace with the Ethiopian orthodox cross because my people do this everyday and they do not take it off. This is because we live in the way of Jesus. Jesus carried the cross and so we follow him as we carry the cross.  It is a symbol of our Christian belief in salvation. We are saved every day by the cross. Orthodox means that we have a long history of the law of early Christianity. Every day we pray by going to the church together.

Bet Medhane Alem Rock Church, Ethiopia
This is the oldest Christian church in Ethiopia

The people together in church pray as the living church.  People go to the church wearing different clothes because most women going to the church do not allow others to see the hair. This is for respect.  Most people wear different clothes and the priests wear vestments and cotton.  All people going to the church take off the shoes to show respect. The most holy day in the Ethiopian orthodox church is the holiday in the Easter.

Orthodox priests wearing vestments

Before Easter  there is a 55 day fast called Lent.  After we are finished fasting all people go to the church in the night time and pray.  People think about Jesus and what he must have felt as he died an innocent death for all of us to be saved. Because the Christ died on Friday  and he rose on Sunday this is our day of rejoicing.  The people have a big celebration during the Easter season.

People together in an Ethiopian church to pray together.