Ethiopian Plane Hijacked to Geneva by Co-Pilot

Ethiopian Plane Hijacked to Geneva by Co-Pilot


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Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot locked his colleague out of the cockpit, and hijacked a Rome-bound plane and landed Monday in Geneva, all in an attempt to seek asylum in Switzerland. This shows that he didn’t want to be in his home country. The plane had 202 passengers on it but none were hurt, but it was not clear why he chose Switzerland. “Ethiopian Airlines is owned by Ethiopia’s government, which has faced persistent criticism over its rights record and its alleged intolerance of political dissent”.

I think he chose that place because it’s a member of the 28-nation European Union and where voters recently demanded curbs on immigration.  French and Italian fighter jets escorted the plane to Geneva . They closed the airport until the hijacked plane  landed.  This event is saying that people want to be heard.  It is interesting that this man was a trained pilot employed by the airline and chose to use this opportunity to seek asylum. He’s trying to get more freedom but he’s not going to get any by going to  jail.

I think its scary to have someone do that.  I don’t understand people and why they do such things.  This is a reason why I don’t like going on planes, and also because of 911.

The government will have to get more people on board and will have to train more people and hire more people to secure the air port and planes. It’s making the government use more of their money that they dont have to hire more people. They need to be better with this stuff so we don’t have another 911. There are less air marshals in the US  because of  budget cuts but this hijacking took place on a foreign plane not regulated by the US. The limitations of air marshals is that they only go on US airlines.  Terrorism through the hijacking of airplanes is still a very real vulnerability for global and American security.

What is at the root of people wanting to flee their country or act out in this way at the expense of innocent bystanders?