Every Day



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Every day is a story about a guy who calls himself “A”. A does not really exists as a person; he doesn’t have a body. When he wakes up, he is in a different body than what he was yesterday or the day before. One day, A wakes up in a body of a guy named Justin, Justin has a girlfriend named Rhiannon . A falls in love with her and makes her have one of the best days of her life while he is Justin. In school they skip class after lunch and he takes her to the ocean. The next day when A is not Justin anymore, he tries to go back to Rhiannon because he can’t live without seeing her. He always finds a way of finding her after the day he met her, but by doing that he is ruining other people’s lives. One day, A, made an error by borrowing a boy’s life and not returning home before midnight. He decided to sleep on the side of the road and when the boy woke up, he knew something was wrong. He told everyone about it including Reverend Poole. Poole is someone who knows the kind of life that A is living. Finally one day he decided to tell Rhiannon who he really was and she fell in love with him after a while. She loved A, but she knew they could never be together. When he was in Alexander Lin’s body, he finally gave up on her, but gave her another day she’ll never forget. He knew she liked Alexander’s life style, so he decided to leave her with him. He was going to go far away to learn on how he can stay on the same body for a longer period of time.


I think that people do judge other people by the way they look. Some people don’t like the way someone else dresses and start judging them just because of that. Others judge people just because they are fat or skinny. People also get judged for whether they are Hispanic, black, white or any other race. There always has to be something for which someone doesn’t like another person.

In Every Day, A gets judged by Rhiannon when he is in the body of the fat guy. She doesn’t want to get near him just like she did when he was in someone else’s body. She didn’t even want to kiss him, but when he was in another body that was not fat, she didn’t mind.


I enjoyed reading this book so much that I didn’t want it to end. I wished it would have never ended. I liked how every day he woke up in a different body. I would like to wake up in a different body everyday. That would be really interesting. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the ending. I didn’t want A and Rhiannon’s relationship to end like it did. They should make another book saying what happened after A left and also about what happened when Alexander woke up and saw Rhiannon by his side. Other than that, the book was really nice and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinks this might be a good book, but is not sure if to read it or not.