Executive Functioning awareness on the rise

Executive Functioning awareness on the rise
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Our society needs to be more aware about the importance of executive functioning skills. Executive functioning skills not only play a vital role to having a stable emotional life but they also contribute building a stronger community. We humans were born naturally to have these certain skills, and we all have our strength and weakness. It seems that it is rather easy to diagnose physical health compared to mental health. Executive Function awareness helps individuals both strengthen and diagnose issues surrounding mental health and steps to help improve on that specific mental skill.

So, what is Executive Functioning? Executive Functioning is a mental skill that help you achieve your goals, and it is pretty much what fuels us to continue moving forward in our lives. A good example of Executive Functioning skills include: Managing time, Good decision making, and persistence. Although these skills are well known in the community, people always forget that the others find these skills somewhat difficult to accomplish. Most the time, people expect you to be good at all types of skills, whether it is time management, or being organized. People in our society needs to be more aware that although everyone has these skills within them, everyone is different. Some people might be good keeping organized, while some may find it a struggle. As a community, we need to be working with one another to be able to create a better world. For example, a person who excels at decision making could help guide those who find making decisions a struggle.


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