Exploring Aviation.

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Have you ever thought of aviation as a career?  On November 4th, I joined 5 classmates to explore opportunities in aviation mechanics at the Leesburg airport.  This exploration was supported by the Career center at Mountain View.

Airport | Leesburg, VA

Leesburg Executive Airport

Leesburg Executive Airport has a 5,500 foot grooved asphalt runway with a 70,000-pound dual-wheel capacity. A new Instrument Landing System was commissioned in March 2011, supplementing the existing GPS and WAAS approaches. Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) and an upgrade of the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) was completed in 2012.



Endorsments — Anson Aviation

My perspective:

During the trip about aviation, I felt a great emotion. The planes, the talks about aviation, caught my attention. Another thing that I really liked was when they talked about NASA, it was a very great experience. I can see my self greatly considering this profession. What inspired me to fight for my dream of being a pilot, is that while I was in the Leesburg Executive Airport, I saw many kinds of planes and that motivates me even more. Since I was young I really loved the idea/profession of aviation, because since I was little I have felt a great attraction for airplanes. Knowing that aviation has all the benefits that I like and a salary that satisfies me it helps me see a possible career in aviation. Other reasons why I like being a pilot are, you can travel to any part of the world, get to know/see cultures, people. However there are some risks for me, aviation is not necessarily a safe job, it can be very risky like any accident has the possibility of losing your life. 


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Leesburg Executive Airport delivers comprehensive services without the congestion, expense and delays common to larger airports. Whether flying for business or pleasure, you’ll find experienced aviation professionals available to ensure that your plane and your plans are in good hands.

Airport | Leesburg, VA

In conclusion, after going on the trip and doing some research I find now that a career in aviation is a high possibility for me. I believe that if you are interested in military or interested in aviation/piloting you will benefit by arranging a  visit the Leesburg Executive Airport.