Extreme Friendship; Personal Responsibility and Risk in N.D.


When does risk make an action irresponsible?

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What would you do for a fellow citizen? This pilot helps out a hungry friend using his small plane in  a North Dakota field by dropping a Subway sandwich.  What is interesting about this story is that I found it in a Honduras online newspaper.

“Thanks buddy, nice shot” text on the video

Some unanswered questions: Why was he in the field? Was it worth the risk?

Sky service is weird, but the weird thing is that the plane was only a few feet from the ground. The reason of this that Nathan Howatt was flying back home when he decided to help out his friend in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. Was a responsible action? Maybe because he was only helping his friend, but also I think that is irresponsible because he almost landed on his friend head I think. What motivates him to do such a thing? Maybe the sense of responsibility in one part, but also the feeling of helping someone, or also because it is a basic human necessity that is the food. Why throwing the food instead of land his plane? Maybe because he was In a rush or he just want to throw the food to think that he is cool or something, but in my opinion this was so cool. What relationship has this with government? In my opinion this has a relationship with government by protecting the people’s rights.

This is good example of rights and responsibilities to insure and provide support to those who are in need.  When does one responsibility to provide food conflict with the basic responsibility of personal safety?

In this link you can watch this viral video:



Here is a image of this event


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