Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports


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white air brighton extreme sports 2009
white air brighton extreme sports 2009 (Photo credit: http://heatherbuckley.co.uk)

     I know many people who practice extreme sports.  They practice skateboarding, skydiving, and snowboarding. All these sports can be fun and dangerous at the same time. People enjoy doing tricks and they know they can get hurt. They spend long hours training and practicing their tricks until they have a perfect trick.

First, extreme sports can be fun because athletes enjoy doing tricks and they also try to do different types of jumps. For example, skateboarding takes a lot of practice and these people really enjoy spending their time practicing. They practice at parks and they do many trails because they want to have the perfect trick.

Second, extreme sports can also be dangerous. I think extreme sports can be dangerous is because people can break an arm and they can hurt their head while they are doing it. They often go to dangerous place to practice their skills. These places are unsafe because people with bad habits who don’t have jobs or don’t go to school may hide in these unsafe parks.

Extreme sports can be fun and dangerous. People still enjoy doing tricks even though they know that they can get hurt but at the same time they have fun. I also think that all those dangerous sports are part of their daily life.