Fairfax County Posts Students’ Personal Information

Fairfax County Posts Students Personal Information


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On the start of the month Fairfax County posted the information of hundreds of students who attended a summer art course. Many parents are concern with the danger that their children’s face as their information was mistakenly posted online for predators to see. Fairfax schools spokesman john Torre said, “It shouldn’t have been up there at all,” Torre said. “It was mistakenly posted. We want to apologize to the families for what occurred.” Many would think that mistakes happen once in a while, but when it involves student’s security and their personal information questions are brought up about how safe is our data in the hands of the public schools system? But this isn’t the first time that student’s personal information was released. Loudoun county students information was also released and student’s medical records were stolen. So how safe is our personal information in the digital era. And what is our government doing to prevent mistakes and identity theft from happening? For more details read the Washington article below.


When mistakes like this happen we shouldn’t just wait around for the ones who slipped to get back up. We should take initiative to make sure the information we by law have to give to the school system should be protected and not just posted for people to see. I worry about my information falling into the wrong hands. And I hope so are you.