Family First; Life Lessons



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The lesson of the book Tuesdays With Morrie is that no matter how hard things get in your life you always need to move forward, to never give up. No matter how sick someone is or how sick you are, what I learned from this book was to keep doing what you like to do in life. Just live life like if you were in a good condition, don’t stop following your dreams, always remember in life we don’t know if at the end we will be healthy again, but if not, at least you will have a peaceful death, because you never stop trying. When you are sick you realize that there are others worse than you, life gives you a tip. You see everything so differently and you will know that material is not important because you could lose it all the next day. You will not be afraid for anything because if you did the right thing by helping others, your close friends will always have in mind everything you have told them.

The people that are close to you they will see it differently at first and they will be sad, but at the end of everything they will have in mind all the lessons that you have given them, even if you haven’t talked to your family or something, now you will try to contact them and have a longer talk with all of them, because remember if you realized at the end of your days it could be too late for not being able to do the right thing in life.