FBI Currently Investigating Military Aide



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Retired Air Force Col. Timothy Milbrath is currently under investigation by the FBI for allegations made against him that he defrauded a numerous amount of foreign investors out of millions of dollars using his connections to the White House and making promises of quick U.S. Green Cards to these investors to raise funds for a giant hotel complex.

The project, set up under a U.S. immigration program, is known as EB-5 which allows foreign investors to obtain visas and eventually Green Cards. The foreigners must invest at least $500,000 into projects that will create American jobs in order to obtain their visa. An internal government review found that more than 30 EB-5 programs have come under criminal investigation including the one set up by Col. Milbrath and his business partner, called Noble Outreach.

There was a ground breaking opening ceremony in New Orleans, but now five years later, all that is left is a vacant lot and investors estimate $16 million gone. Milbrath states that he is aware of the investigation and says that the allegations made against him are not correct.

I think this is a messed up situation to give these people hope and rob them of their money for their own personal gain. This challenges the values of Liberty, Equality, Loyalty, Promise-Keeping, Property, Truth, and Authority because these men used their own authority to take away all these things from people by breaking promises, taking property, and not telling the truth about the whole ordeal.