FBI Pursues Internet $ Thieves



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Tuesday a reward of $3 million for information that could lead to the capture and arrest of a Russian alleged notorious cyber criminal. The FBI and State Department want to arrest Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev under the indictment for providing various versions of hacking software, including Game Over Zeus. The program Game Over Zeus has infected more than 1 million computers and have made victims lives hard by costing them over $100 million.

Federal prosecutors in June announced the charges against Bogachev. He is also said to lead a gang of cyber criminals in Russian and Ukraine that was running Game Over Zeus.

Game Over Zeus is a botnet, a network of virus-infected computers. The botnet targeted thousands of small businesses, Cryptolocker was used as well. Cryptolocker is a software that encrypts files on computers, it was used to extract ransom payments from computer owners who wanted access to their files.

Cryptolocker emerged in 2013 and has been used to attack about 200,000 computers. Half of those computers were in the U.S. In the first two months of its use, criminals had extorted an estimated $27 million from victims.

I think he should be taken into custody and have to pay reparations. He and his band of misfits are causing financial issues on other people and making them struggle and it is wrong. It was clever but very wrong. The democratic value of trust comes into play, when you download a program or file you trust the uploader of the file with the integrity of your PC. Then again if you’re just downloading random crap then that’s what you get, that is also why we have firewalls, antivirus, etc to protect you from these issues.