FBI searches for WikiLeaks’ source


Julian Assange is hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.


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What is wikileaks?

Wikileaks is a non profit organization with information about the government that exposes their lack of security and creates vulnerability.  Who is behind it? Julian Assange. Where is he now?  Ecuador is sheltering him in its embassy in London. Why? After the Ecuador election, if Lasso wins, he said he would evict Assange from the embassy within 30 days. But Moreno won 51-49. Assange later then tweeted post-election victory thoughts:


What is the latest “leak” and what concerns has it raised about loyalty in the government?

  • WikiLeaks got an alleged arsenal of hacking tools the CIA has used to spy on espionage targets
  • he pleaded not guilty to charges was violated the Espionage Act.

    “Ben Franklin said three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. If secrets are shared on systems in which thousands of people have access to them, that may really not be a secret anymore. This problem is not going away, and it’s a condition of our existence.’’

Since this problem is a condition of our existence how would you handle it if someone shared a secret that you had entrusted to them? I believe they should accept consequences whether it is a legal matter or not. What should we do when we face people who are disloyal to us? If the problem has not yet been solved, avoiding them or not acknowledging them would be the way to avoid conflict.

Why does loyalty matter? Loyalty matters because you gain trust and respect. Trust and respect often is built on the value of truth.  Some people might say loyalty is more important than truth but Assange clearly feels that truth is more important than loyalty.