Feel The Bern; “Super Tuesday”

Feel The Bern; Super Tuesday


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The New Hampshire Primary was the first of many nationwide elections to choose the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees. On the Republican side, Donald Trump earned the highest vote at 35%. The next up for the Republican side was John Kasich, with only about 15%. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders had 60% of the Democratic vote. He was followed by Hillary Clinton, who had 38% of the Democratic Vote. With these obvious winners of the New Hampshire Primary, I am expecting to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump gain the most delegate votes in the upcoming state primaries.

Super Tuesday is happening now. 13 states including Virginia and 1 territory are holding their primary elections or caucuses today March 1st, 2016.

Bernie Sanders is 74 years old. He is a democratic socialist, and has been in politics for about 37 years. He is also running for President of the United States in 2016. He is very involved in Civil Rights issues, and was even arrested in 1963 for protesting a segregation movement in Chicago. He is also a very strong supporter of Veterans’ benefits. I think many democrats support him because he tells the truth, instead of trying to avoid controversial topics. Most of the other Presidential candidates avoid answering questions or try to change the topic. He is very different when compared to Donald Trump; as Trump cries and complains about things only to gain the interest of pop-culture media and Americans who do not like President Obama.

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