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            Everyone who loved soccer are waiting for summer come up already. In this summer world cup is taking place. This world cup will be 21 st in the history of soccer. only 9 countries won this tournament in history                  ( Brazil,Argentina,Germany,Italy,Uruguay,Spain,France,England) . 32 countries are involve to play the tournament . In this year the tournament will be take place in Russia. First time in history that it take place in this country.

     soccer is the number one sport around the world, so millions  of people watch world cup. It is very beautiful to see different kid of person together and share the same passion. I think that in sport is the place that you don’t seem a lot racism.  The world cup  is very popular, Is the tournament that most people watch in all history.

I wish that I could go, but is too expensive to travel to Russia and ticket are too expensive for each game. Depend what team is playing that is how much each ticket cost. Each game in Group match cost $300 to $600 and Round of 16 cost even more.

The world cup will start on June 14 2018. The first game will be Russia vs Saudi Arabia this game will be first because Russia is praying at home. This tournament will finish July 15 is only 32 days of happiness. last game will decided who won this tournament that I hope that Brazil won this time.