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Dizzy, nauseous, dazed, numb or empty; all these feelings are part of a mother or even a family member believing that the news is not real when losing a child of theirs. In the United States alone nearly 200 million girls from around the world are “missing.” 14-year-old Joanna Velazque was missing on the day of April 22 and had a constant history of always running away but would always contact or return back home. Many who go missing become victims of an large global trafficking network.–376954181.html

With stress from school, parents, hard family situations, even addictions, it can be hard for teenagers to cope with everyday stress. Too many teens are searching for an escape, while some are simply lost in more drastic situations than others. Millions of children run away to avoid their problems.  Instead of finding solutions they get themselves in other situations they weren’t planning too. Being on their own in the world seems like it will solve all of their problems. As of now it has become very easy for teenagers to be in contact with drugs and alcohol. Young women who run away have a much higher risk of being kidnapped and/or raped if they live alone on the streets. We can look out for our own but we must be aware of the dangers. If parents and parental figures can be involved in the  lives of our young people then maybe things can start to change.

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