Flashing Headlights to Alert Speed Traps

Flashing Headlights to Alert Speed Traps


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You ever see a speed trap or a cop running radar and flash your headlights to warn oncoming traffic? In the past this could get you pulled over and ticketed and maybe even receive a fine. But a federal judge in ST Louis (Judge Henry) disagrees with this.  He says speed traps are for safety and not to create revenue. The judge says flashing headlights to warn oncoming traffic of a speed trap falls under our first amendment rights, therefore we can not get ticketed or receive a fine for this!


I think it is awesome, judges are starting to question the authority of police and protect the rights of citizens. They think they are above the law but they are NOT and if you find yourself in a situation where you can show them this you should do it because there is nothing a cop hates more than being wrong.  From my perspective it seems like cops think they are always right.