Flor Castillo Recinos



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I am going to write a story that is about a girl that her name is Flor Castillo Recinos. Has a disable that doesn’t let her see are walk . When the mom of Flor Recinos was pregnant the doctor told her that the baby was going to born with a sickness and maybe she will be deform and the doctor told her that it was better that she abort because if she came to word she will suffer a lot. But she didn’t wanted to abort she was happy because she was going to be a mother of a girl because she was already a mom but she was only mom of boys. She was wishing to have a girl and when she notice she was pregnant she was happy and when she goes to the doctor the doctor told her that it was better to abort. She was praying god that she did care if the baby was discapacity but she was praying god that the baby didn’t die on her stomach. Everyday she pray to god that her baby born and when the baby born. The mother of the baby almost die because she could not breath air and the doctor told the dad of the baby that he need to safe one of them and he start to cry because he wanted both to them to stay in world. My grandma start to pray so the both of them got safe and them none of them die but my niece Flor stay in the hospital long time and my cousin got to go home and she was crying she did not wanting to leave her there she wanted the baby to be with her. After a couple of week she got to take the baby home and the doctor was still telling her that the baby didn’t was going to make it to 3 year that she was going to die. My grandma told my cousin that the doctor could said that the baby was going to die but the one who decide if she was going to live or not was god. A group of person of the church got together and they start to pray for the baby and them when she was getting back the doctor that doctor said that she will live more but she will not be able to walk because she was missing a ligament. I used to take care of her because nobody want to take care of her and the people used to make fun of my cousin but they were saying that her baby was from a lien and them she enter in depression and after she didn’t wanted the baby because lot of people were talking bad stuff about the baby. She gave it to my grandma and since  my grandma was old I was seven year old and  I used to take care of her. I was like little mom for her. I never left her alone the only time the she was she grandma was when I was going to school and them she was with me. I learn how to take care of her even though I was a child.  When I was going to school the people used to laugh at me because they were saying that the baby that was in my house it was ugly. I used to cry a lot and I used to ask my grandma why did they make laugh  about our floresita and my grandma she told me to not feel bad that god will punish them to make laugh about the baby. When I was going to came to the united stated I didn’t want to leave her cause I was scared that someone could hurt her. But when I was going to came here my cousin take the baby back and now she is leaving with her she said that floresita is always asking for me. When I talk with them she told me to get back there and I just cry because I told her that tomorrow I will go. My cousin told me that she said that I will go and she always wait for me in  the door and that breaks my heart. My grandma call her Milagros in English ( Miracle) because even though the doctor said that she was going to die she still alive.  The doctor told My cousin that maybe here in the United Stated they find a cure for the baby so she could see. She tried to go take out her visa and the baby visa but they denied her the visa but she doesn’t lose the faith that one day her baby will be able to see on sunset. She said that there is no more pain that see

their child suffer.Image result for huiscoyol

This situation shows me that there are a lot of people that are always denying about life and that they are born healthy with no problem and they don’t appreciate life and also there are some people that they want to take out there life. Florecita she has a disability and she is has hope to live furthermore.