France has “targeted” 3,000 Jihadists

France has targeted 3,000 Jihadists


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The French government reported that they are monitoring 3,000 people linked with Jihadism terrorist. They will take and remove the French citizenship to all who were involved.
France must watch about 3,000 people in the fight against Jihadism, said prime minister Manuel Valls this Wednesday in press conference to introduce new security measures following the attacks of Paris.

“We have to watch 1,300 people, French or foreign, for the involvement in terrorist networks in Syria and Iraq […] To these are added 400 or 500 people in older networks or affecting other countries, as well as the main active actors in cyber-Jihadist francophone. In total there are about 3,00 people to watch out for”, he said.

The prime minister also announced the hiring of 60 Muslim chaplains in the French prisons for combating radicalization of detainees during their incarceration.
In addition he called a reflection on all political parties on the possibility of taking away French nationality to persons convicted of terrorism.
In total, this plan will require an investment of 425 million euros over the next three years. The prime minister reiterated that it is taking “exceptional measures without exception”.

Since France was recently attacked, they are now pulling more to the side of anti-terrorism, and they will ask for help from other countries, especially the U.S. because no country can fight alone against terrorism.