France is Suing Fox News for comparing them to Baghdad

France is Suing Fox News for comparing them to Baghdad


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The French Authorities believe that US television chain Fox News had affected the honor of the French capital when they compared France to Baghdad. The city of Paris will sue the Us television network Fox News for making a comparison, during the terrorist attack two weeks ago between the dangerousness of some neighborhoods and Baghdad. A spokeswoman for the city Counsil told EFE news agency that the information provided by Fox News constitute “an attack on the honor” of Paris. The spokeswoman said she could not specify how the complaint will materialize, but stressed the will to push through that process, as the mayor, Anne Hidalgo said.

In an interview with American channel “CNN” Hidalgo justified recourse to justice for “the washing of Paris’ honor” because “you have insulted us”. The first mayor authority insisted that it’s “not true”,  you can make a comparison between the security of certain areas of Paris and Baghdad, and that “these statements need repair.”

Fox News last weekend apologized repeatedly for the information, in the heat of the attacks in France, who claimed that in certain European cities had predominantly Muslim neighborhoods where Sharia was being prevail (Islamic law ).  In the case of Paris, they talked about areas out of police control that was situated on the map “few minutes in taxi from the Eiffel Tower” in which non-Muslims were in danger.

He also echoed a survey alleged -on later acknowledged that it was not credible-, according to 69% of French Muslims supported the Islamic State (ISIS)
I believe the French are violating Freedom of speech, and it is really not fair because when something happens to the US. they say things about it and you do not see them suing anyone because of it. you have rights and can do and say whatever you say because you are free to do so. In other words France is looking like a fool by doing all that.
It is not suppose to be Freedom of Speech as long as we feel good about it.