France Rejects Fear, Renews commitment to Take In 30,000 Syrian Refugees



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images1BZA442IThe French president has declared He is going to let the 30,000 Syrian Refugees as promised. Many people in France are afraid of consequences from terrorists but the president did implement extra security measures for the refugees. The French have already began developing 53.5 million dollars worth of housing.  His decision sends a strong message to European countries like Poland which have been less willing to take in refugees and to the growing number of American governors who are attempting to block refugee resettlement in their home states.

What do you think?  Do refugees from Syria pose a security risk?  How can we stand as an open democracy and beacon of liberty to the world as well as protect our security from the infection of ISIS terror?

For more on the official United States refugee screening policy CLICK HERE

I  believe The threat of ISIS is universal and the refugees of Syria are more important than risking a second terror attack and as bad as that sounds that’s the kind of situation we are faced with. Those 30,000 refugees are in the middle of a war torn country fleeing for their survival if nobody helps these people then who’s really winning this fight? The fight against ISIS doesn’t stop at acts of terrorism and should be fought at any sign of great human distress.