Freedom in America; A Struggle for Civil Rights


Library of Congress

Glimpses at the freedmen -The freedmen’s union industrial School,Richmond ,va./ from a sketch by Jas E .Taylor .18666.

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Question 1:  How did the formerly enslaved define freedom? 


Summarize :a human right for all people.  Freedom comes from God but it must be protected by the  voting rights,civil equality,fight for the black people ,and the possibility of justice to act freely. Everyone should have freedom for God, but the government must protect with equal oppotunities. In the evidence from the video and the documents it is clear that the freed slaves believed that freedom .


#2 In what ways did freed people claim their freedom during Reconstruction?


When studying the evidence above ,it is clear that the fed people claimed freedom by election alliances ,laws for justice .13th 14th 15th amendment to us coast civil rights act to 1875.Education and economics. A lot of women are working .There is training for a job for white people.I want the safety of life .Wage for work, food,clothing,home ,school for my family and free paper are legal freedom,i want justice ,kindness.


#3  White southerners are angry ,because they thought their democracy was the only way to react .The white people created laws .Black black people can’t go to the voting.They are making violence .White people are threatened black  people if you go to vote you gonna die.Black codes were restrictive laws designed to limit the freedom of african americans and ensure their availability as a cheap labor force after slavery was abolished during civil war.Black people cann’t pass the citizen  exam. They need higher education.They don’t have no school,no freedom ,nothing.Every power has white people.