Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression


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Freedom of Expression is apart of The First Amendment. What it means is, everyone has the right to the freedom of speech as in being able to say what they believe in with either media evidence or the views from someone’s wrong doing. With the freedom of expression it allows you to speak upon your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. That’s normally what the First Amendment is about they allow you to say what you need without the governments censorship which everyone should be allowed to do when it comes to their rights. Usually it’s up to the person that is speaking to know the value of its own instead of the government deciding if it’s right or wrong. When we think about the rights that we have I believe having the freedom to say what you basically want, is one of the best decisions ever made considering wanting to be right and them giving you the option it makes freedom become reality. We don’t always get the choice to say what we believe in when it’s protesting, we do say some words but it’s never heard from anyone and being able to say anything in the court of law is at least the most they could do.

The Newseum's Five (5) freedoms guaranteed by ...
The Museum’s Five (5) freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. 1. Freedom of Religion 2. Freedom of Speech 3. Freedom of the Press 4. Freedom of Assembly Peaceably 5. Freedom to Petition the Government for Grievances (Opening April 11, 2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve heard situations where people try to use the freedom of speech and use it for all the wrong reasons which does not count. When someone is being convicted of something that they believe they didn’t do, they will come up with many different stories and use profanity that they believe will be accounted for in the First Amendment. When you are in a case where you and others are debating, that’s when I believe will be the most rightful time for anything you believe in and have to say. When people use profanity it can be when they are angry and or are being sexually harmful to someone who doesn’t help any case. What profanity is, is basically an offense attack on what you disagree on which happens in our daily life, not everyone agrees with you and even in older centuries, nobody agreed. Profanity is one of the things that is not protected by the law since it’s also an offense to religion when they allow you to say as much as your beliefs.

Freedom of Worship, February 27, 1943, Norman Rockwell
Freedom of Worship
Freedom from Want, March 6, 1943, Norman Rockwell
Freedom from Want, March 6, 1943, Norman Rockwell

The people argue about humans trying to set forth their beliefs with the law. Since not everyone thinks the same way or believe in the same things it makes it hard for people to get a fair share. The first amendment helps with a lot with understanding what your rights are. An example is, a student asks if it’s okay to dye their hair and if it’s fine to have their hair like that at school. One thing is it should not matter how the student looks when the purpose of them going to school is to learn, that’s me expressing my point of view. I’ve heard of schools that really do not allow that because it does not look right and makes the school foolish. When someone allows their child to do what they desire I believe it’s not right for the public to decide for your child. There’s always arguments because some others think something really is not acceptable but not everything will go just one persons way when they protest. Many protest on different actions and the decision is made for the right reasons to them.

If the first amendment was never established, religious people could have gotten prosecuted, the civil people would not be able to be heard and the government would remain unstopped without protesters being heard as well. Nowadays our freedom of speech has very little value as in we are taught that there is freedom of speech that is accepted and freedom of speech that unaccepted. You can start saying the truth and your story, what you believe in and your rights but if you say one wrong thing you just better hope your consequences is not as bad as it could be since the government basically controls your whole life. It’s a feeling of still no freedom, still having to watch what you say over what the government’s laws are it makes you feel like your whole life is in somebody else’s hands even for saying one wrong thing. If the government does not like what you are protesting they can do what they desire to you but you would think you were following the freedom of expression which does not help most anymore.