Freedom of Speech on Social Media



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Anthony D. Elonis posted several violent messages on his social media account after his wife left him. He claimed he was an artist who turned to rap lyrics for therapeutic purposes to help him cope with depression.

“There¹s one way to love you but a thousand ways to kill you,” he wrote in one post.

“Enough elementary schools in a ten mile radius to initiate the most heinous school shooting ever imagined,” he wrote in another.

He was convicted for violating a federal threat statute.

The Supreme Court over turned his conviction saying that “just words alone isn’t enough to convict”.

Elonis did have the liberty to post these things because the fact that we all have the freedom of speech. However just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.  That’s where Responsibility with free speech comes into play.  The biggest issue about what he did is the safety issue because stuff like this has happened before so the police have to treat every threat with seriousness. If I was the judge I honestly would have to give him some sort of punishment because what he said isn’t a joking matter especially when there are children involved.