Freedom of the Press Blasting Trump

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What is happening in the last month? The freedom of the press protected by the first amendment has been used in two different ways.  1) one in an anonymous letter published by the New York Times from someone working directly in the White House who wrote complaining about the president and  2) by a long time respected author named Bob Woodward who published what is now a top selling book; Fear Trump in the White House.

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Why does this matter now?

It matters now because it has a direct affect on the leadership of our government today.

When are the next elections?

The next President election is in 2020, but in November is the congressional elections. This might affect everything, if there are more democrats voted into office than republicans.



Most people are calling, the person who posted to the New York Times, a coward because he wrote and posted it in anonymous because maybe he/she was scared to lose his/her job. Some television or radio commentators risk their jobs every time they utter an opinion.  Does fear take away the responsibility that we need when we use freedom of the press?  If the writer is not afraid then they would use their name like Bob Woodward.

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As a president, Donald Trump has to have a knowledge that he’ll be criticized by many people.  It is the right of the American people to criticize their government and to be protected by their government.  When we use this right we also need to be responsible.  If we are saying the truth we should not be afraid to use our name.

President Trump is often blamed for creating bad conversations in the media.  He is only part of the problem because today we have too many people using the freedom of the press badly.  When we criticize it must be with an understanding of the whole truth as we know it and with our name in public.

….. but his contributions pale in comparison to the proliferation of the unaccountable, irresponsible and often vile comments that appear on the digital platforms of so many of our most respected news outlets.

With any exercise of American freedoms responsibility is also needed.